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Frescos (natureza)

Frescos (natureza)

Truth Men Eau de Toilette Vaporizador 100 ml

24,33 €
Truth Men é uma verdadeira referencia masculine no que respeita às fragrância de eleição. A Eau de Toilette Truth Men de Calvin Klein, representa uma nova geração de perfumes de Calvin Klein. Na viragem do seculo Calvin Klein começou a desenvolver nos seus laboratórios um novo conceito de fragrâncias que apelidou de “aromas do novo milénio” e em 2002 nasce Truth Men.

Signorina Eleganza Eau de Parfum Vaporizador 100 ml

38,60 €
Signorina Eleganza, Eau de Parfum de Salvatore Ferragamo, encontra-se disponível em frasco vaporizador de 100 ml. Como o nome nos deixa perceber, Signorina Eleganza é um perfume floral feminino que representa na perfeição a subtil elegância e sofisticação da mulher. Com uma fragrância pautada por notas olfativas de Toranja, Pera, Amêndoa, Patchouli e Couro, Signorina Eleganza é uma Eau de Parfum refinada, fresca e de uma sensualidade requintada.

The short, dark days begin to grow. The Sun becomes a daily company. The seeds germinate. The flowers bloom. Fruits are born and colors take over the framed picture of our vision. It is a painted scenario of reality that inspires us and stimulates us to enjoy life, who we like and who likes us. The sun's rays enter through the curtains that receive light with open arms. The odors change. Birds are heard in the distance and their shadow on the ground when they take flight. All our senses awaken to what is coming. Nature in its purest form! Fresh perfumes gain their form by drinking inspiration in the natural coexistence between the elements of nature and the human essence. The sun, the light and the brightness influence our well-being and our posture. We smile more easily, we are more tolerant, the days seem bigger and we often feel that twenty-four hours a day are more. Wool gives way to cotton garments, warm colors, light fabrics and delicate textures. Our skin and pores release odors from our cells that are now more productive and effective. Everything changes and everything becomes joy, happiness and freedom. In fact, our senses are clearer than ever, and the preponderance of the elements in our day-to-day life is felt more intensely. Natural and fresh perfumes are a blend of all these singularities. We live in fullness and balance with nature. Nature and the human being are homogeneous and share a consensus that materializes in the aromatic fragrances that, unconsciously, we want that integrate our daily life. The perfumes, deodorants, after shaves or fresh and natural cosmetics are now part of the choices and predilections of all of us. This freshness gives freedom to our days and germinates emotions to the skin. We are facing the wonderful universe of fresh and natural perfumes and fragrances that captivate and conquer without exceptions. With rising temperatures and falling rainfall the long, sunny days come to life and trees bloom in new colors. In our eyes nature is the most beautiful of realities, the world was created in perfection and we just have to enjoy and enjoy this blessing of creation. From the creation and creativity of the masters of perfumery sprouts the perfumes fresh and aromatically natural. Buying natural and fresh perfumes is at this time a daily habit. Buying perfumes for us does us good. Buying natural perfumes to offer whom we cherish also makes us well. The fresh and natural perfumes themselves and their very particular characteristics do well to all those and those around us. The aromatic flower essences conquer their side-by-side space with fruity tones and sweet notes that combine with woody, aquatic and citrus extracts. From this cauldron of aromatic nectars come the most eloquent, seductive and romantic perfumes that fit perfectly on warm evenings among friends or on long, sunny days of work. These are the scenarios that present and in which fresh and natural perfumes will make the difference and be the center of attention. But for this to happen there is a vital and indispensable part ... your presence, your skin and your body.